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Intro to Window Treatments

Window treatment professionals will often specialize in a particular area of manufacturing. Some may focus on blinds and shutters while others may only work with particular fabrics and cloths. When you're choosing what to put into your home it's important to ask your installation professional about the pros and cons of the different materials and products. Generally most companies can provide 'out of the box' solutions for your window needs due to window construction standards. If you need a custom window solution your pro should be able to provide you with the best options.

Window Treatment Installation:
If hiring a professional isn't in your budget then you can always do a self-install. All basic interior window treatments should require a similar amount of effort. Should you choose this route then be prepared with the following items: step ladder or chair, screwdriver, drill, anchors, level and measuring tape. Along with the instructions, most window treatments will come with pre-drilled holes for brackets, so make sure you include these in your measurements.

Window treatments take a significant amount of stress throughout the course of their lifetime. Use a stud finder to make sure you're utilizing the maximum amount of tensile strength for your fastener. If you don't have a stud available you'll have to use anchors to hold the weight of the treatment in the material. This is generally common for holding a fastener in drywall.

Each day will usually involve tugging on the screws and anchors, so it's extremely important to make sure you have the proper anchors for the material you're drilling into. Use a carpenter or light lead pencil to mark off the spacing between pre-drilled holes. Ink isn't advisable since the proper approach should implement a measure twice and cut once methodology. Once you have the fasteners secured the final step is anchoring the screws into the material, and hanging your new window treatments.

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